Our CSR commitments, the real ones

Green implementation

A setting of greenery and nature as a working environment : this is our choice ! Proud to participate in the development of this area of economic activities in line with sustainable development, Scentis meets the needs of job creation and strengthening of excellence industrial sectors in the Grasse area.

Selection of raw materials

We are looking at the origin of the raw materials and their environmentally friendly production conditions, in harmony with the local fabrics.

The use of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) labeled paper for our production is obvious, because we want to work for a long time !


Next generations

Involvement for future generations is also part of our CSR challenges.   We therefore naturally support local schools and universities by providing smelling strip tester : ISIPCA, Ecole supérieure du Parfum, University of Nice.

CEDRE Agreements

Committed to the CEDRE system in the French Southern Region, Scentis is accelerating the company’s ecological transition and implementing concrete measures for responsible development : reducing the environmental impact, reduction of energy consumption such as electricity, strict sorting with recycling of all paper waste from competent players.

Human-sized company

Scentis takes a benevolent look at the working conditions offered to its employees, of which more than 95% are on permanent contracts. In interaction with players from all over the world in our markets, local production remains at the heart of our concerns in order to perpetuate the tradition of perfume-related know-how in the country of Grasse, recognized by UNESCO.