Smelling strip

Smelling strip

• High quality paper

• 100% sustainable développement 

• Long fiber

• Neutral PH

• 3 colors available


The smelling strips called "mouillettes" in French perfumer langage are our core business. Scentis expertise in this activity is recognized by more prestigious brands.


The paper

To guarantee you an impeccable quality, we have chosen to produce only from perfume card, a special blotter paper faithfully restoring the fragrances thanks to its neutral ph. Weighing between 200 and 300g, this premium paper comes in 3 colours: white, black, beige.

The shapes

The shapes flow from the functions. Each smelling strip is expected for a specific and different use. The blotters used in laboratory tests do not have the same shape as those used in large perfume stores, for example. Thanks to our cutting tools, we manufacture all the tester strips with standard shapes as well as those with custom shapes.

The customization

Add your own note ! Thanks to its real knowledge, Scentis can create your customized smelling strips thanks to the mastery of techniques of printing logo in one or more colors, of flat or curved hot gilding, of embossing at one or several levels.

The Marketing

The use of "creation paper" in multiple colors other than the classic palette of the perfume card allow you to play with your creativity to decline your marketing concepts. The smelling strips become a real vector of communication.

Deliveries in the world

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