Strip books

Strip books

High quality paper

100% sustanaible development

Long Fiber

Neutral PH



Strip books are used in the lab as well as during marketing demonstrations. This practical support will allow you a different use of your smelling strips sold in bulk.



The paper

To guarantee you an impeccable quality, we have chosen to produce only from perfume card, a special blotter paper faithfully restoring the fragrances thanks to its neutral ph. Weighing between 200 and 300g, this premium paper comes in 3 colours : white, black, beige. The cover of our strip books is in chromolux 300 g.

The possibilities

Choose the version adapted to your needs : strip books of 30, 40, 50, 60 smelling tester strip in rectangular shapes, sharp or paddle style according to the intended use.

The Customization

Add your own note ! Thanks to its real knowledge, Scentis can create your customized strip books thanks to the mastery of techniques of printing logo in one or more colors, of flat or curved hot gilding, of embossing at one or several levels..

The Marketing

The strip book reveals your brand image during demonstrations at trade fairs or appointments. Present your fragrances with elegance and organization thanks to this practical tool.

Deliveries in the world

Receive your Order in chrono-time with a protective film in every country thanks to our E-shop