28 May 2019

Scentis has created personalized scent notebooks in the colors of major prestigious perfume and cosmetic brands: a unique know-how in the specific printing profession.

A true "favorite" product, scented notebooks create a craze different from other more standard media. Their added value is explained by the qualitative side but also by their usefulness for note taking.

The personalization of these beautiful notebooks consists of the creation of a tailor-made cover perfectly in line with your marketing positioning. The particular care given to this cover is essential: it can include printing, embossing and hot foil stamping.

The heart of the notebook is just as important because it will be used over time. Its quality is therefore important. The scenting of the sheets inside can be done with the specific fragrance of the brand. Our creative team can also offer you a choice of perfumes suitable for your notebooks, if you do not have a specific fragrance.

Scentis supports you in the choice of format, paper, weight, pagination, binding and many other criteria that will make your scent notebook unique and successful. This medium representing your brand must be perfectly consistent with the values ??you want to convey to your customers and prospects.

The scented notebook is a beautiful original object that delighted customers lucky to receive this gift which has the advantage of having an extended lifespan. He signs an elegant and refined gift, which allows the brand to be positioned.

It is therefore a valuable ally in your marketing strategies aimed at attracting an increasingly unfaithful and sought-after clientele.

For any project study concerning the creation of your scent notebooks, do not hesitate to contact the Scentis sales department: we will assist you in the creation of your notebooks for small, medium and large series.